The Square Dance Resource
(Coming in 2023!)

The Square Dance Resource

We dance in circles ... but call them squares

The best thing about Square Dancing: the dancers.

There’s truly nothing out there like it.

Where else are you going to get to spend an afternoon, an evening, or even a weekend smiling, laughing, sharing good times, and exercising all at the same time?

Leave the outside world in the parking lot.  On the dance floor it doesn’t matter what you do out “there.”  On the floor, there’s just one thing to do:  have fun.

It's not just dancing. It's great people hanging out together

Allemande Left. Weave the Ring. Swing Your Partner

Square Dancing is first and foremost a social activity. It brings people together not only to dance, but to create relationships, friendships, and often travel together. It has a long history, not only in the United States, but also around the world.

Our activity groups together 8 dancers, organized into a “square.” We learn individual movements known as “calls.” The caller is responsible for choreographing the calls together into sequences to create a dance set to music.

As dancers complete one call they are in position to begin the next. In effect they are constantly moving to solve a puzzle creating both physical and mental activity.

At the end of the tip we congratulate our success and mostly laugh when a square “breaks down” and is unable to complete a call.

It is an atmosphere of fun, laughter, friendship, and support. Square Dancing is a lot of fun.